Final Fantasy VII - Now on Steam!

One of the top selling JRPGs of all time has finally come to Steam. Final Fantasy VII can now be downloaded for $11.99/£9.99, and contains all content that was introduced in the PC version of the game. It has all 36 of its achievements, it still uses a cloud save feature, and it also has controller support. Along with the achievements and the cloud save feature, Final Fantasy VII has received some minor graphical updates as well.

If you have never played Final Fantasy VII before, or even a Final Fantasy game, I strongly recommend checking it out as soon as possible. The game has generated much hype over the years, but that is for a good reason. Final Fantasy VII was one of the few JRPGs from back in the day to "break the mold" and step away from the standard JRPG style. It was set in a somewhat modern day/futuristic setting, it had deep character development, and it was also one of the few JRPGs to walk that thin line between T and M rated games. The game shocked a lot of people in a lot of different ways, and it is still legendary for it even today.

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