Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Cloud Preorder Costume and Buster Sword!

The preorder bonus for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been announced, and this time around it is a real piece of fan service. If you recall, Lightning was originally designed to be a "female Cloud." She was going to be a strong soldier type, but at the same time she was going to have that softer side as well. So, with that being said, it seems that Square has decided to give her that extra bit of fan service some fans may have been hoping for.

If you preorder the game at GameStop you will receive a SOLDIER 1st class uniform as well as the Buster Sword. Although this isn't the only fan service outfit that the game will include, this one is a preorder bonus only, and it may just be enough to get some fans to do so.

Along with the announcement, Square-Enix has also released a mini trailer of sorts to show it off as well. The trailer shows it being used both in battle and outside of battle, and it also shows off some of the unique animations Lightning will get while using it as well.

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