Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U will not feature the return of the Sub Space/Story Mode

The creator of Super Smash Bros Masahiro Sakurai has released a little bit more information concerning the upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. In his article featured in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Sakurai confirmed that the game will not include a "story mode" as seen in Super Smash Bros Brawl; however the 3DS version will contain some sort of mode outside of its standard versus mode. Although Sakurai didn't go into details about this mode, we have known for some time that the 3DS version would feature some sort of character customization as well. Whether or not if this customization mode will be limited to this "extra" mode or if it is going to be a part of the main versus mode as well, has yet to be confirmed.

On another note, what do you think about the exclusion of a standard story mode? Are you fine with it, or does this completely ruin the game for you? Personally, although I did enjoy the Sub Space, it doesn't matter to me either way. I play the Smash Bros games to fight my friends, and because of that the Sub Space was a mode I hardly touched after finishing it the first time. Really, I see the exclusion of the Sub Space as possibly a good thing. If you actually take a look at the game data on Super Smash Bro's disc, you will see that the cutscenes for the Sub Space alone took up around 3GB. If you take that into consideration, as well as the fact that 3DS game cards can hold up to 8 GB and that a standard Wii U game disc holds up to 25 GB (both of which are larger than the Wii's game discs), then you too may see this as a good thing.

When it comes down to it, the new Super Smash Bros has the ability to be a much larger game than Brawl, and with the extra space they open up the way for more characters and levels to be included. Still, only time can truly tell. Although we all hope that Sakurai and his team make the most of the space they have to work with, you just never know how things will turn out in the end.

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