ESRB Makes Minor Changes to Icons

Today the ESRB has announced that they have made some minor changes to their rating icons. As seen on their official site, the new icons appear as followed:

As you can see, while the icons are basically the same, the "rated by" text has been removed, and the age rating above the letter is now written in black instead of white. With these few minor changes (and use of more contrast) the ratings are much clearer than they were before

Although this change isn't really that big of a change, I'm sure that it'll help parents and non gamers come to understand the ratings a little bit better. Believe it or not, not everyone knows about the ESRB rating system, but maybe with the larger icons they will take note. (On a side note, I've given quite a few college speeches on the matter of the rating system, and it really is quite shocking to find out that people don't even know the ESRB exists; yet they still buy games for their kids.)

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