Killer Instinct not quite "Free to Play"

Microsoft has finally explained how the upcoming Xbox One exclusive game "Killer Instinct" will be free to play. As you may or may not know, Killer Instinct is the newest entry in the fighting game series created by Rare. Back in the day it was popular in arcades as well on the SNES, but not too long after an N64 version was released, it fell off the map. Now with the Xbox One coming out, Microsoft plans to revive the series again, but as a sort of "free to play" title.

The way the newest Killer Instinct will work is that you actually get to download the game for free, and play as a few characters for free; however other aspects of the game will be locked. Players will be able to spend $5 to unlock more characters, but they can also unlock more by buying character packs as well.

This set up is very similar to how Team Ninja released Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in Japan. In DoA5U's case, you download the game for free with all of the main arcade and versus modes unlocked, but you can pay extra for the characters that you want, or you can even buy the story mode as well.

Although both of these games are "free to play" games, they don't quite follow the free to play tradition. Instead of having a game that you can play for free with a bunch of micro transactions, they are games you can either buy in full, or simply buy what you care about.

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