Lightning Returns - The Savior's Choice Trailer

Lightning Returns is getting closer and closer, and as time goes on we have slowly learned more and more about the game. While the past trailers of the game showcased the game's basic exploration, story, and combat system, the newest one gives us a bit more of an inside look at the game.

"The Savior's Choice" is the newest trailer for Lightning Returns, and this time not only do we get a bit more of an inside look at the game's story, we also get to see some returning characters as well! This latest trailer confirms that Fang will be returning, as well as Sazh, and possibly Mog. The trailer shows off both a moogle village, as well as a chocobo that Lightning wants to save. Although it isn't clear how the moogles or this chocobo will play into the game's story, there is a pretty good chance that they will have some sort of major role; possibly a conclusion of Mog's story arc, and transportation respectively?

On another note, a few new fighting styles for Lightning are shown off as well. One costume seems to be a dragoon outfit which uses a spear, while another seems to be a monk or some type of melee fighter outfit. It's really nice to see the different fighting styles this time around, and it is sure to help change up the game's gameplay. For more information, check out the game's trailer below!

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