Red Faction Armageddon - New for 5.99 at GameStop!

Earlier today I was at the mall just looking around, when I decided to go into GameStop. Now really I didn't plan on buying anything, and I really didn't have any extra money to spend; however one amazing deal soon caught my eye. Sitting there on the shelf was a brand new copy of "Red Faction: Armageddon" for the PlayStation 3. Now this game came out back in 2011, but normally by this point a new copy would still run you around 30 bucks, but this time that wasn't the case. The game was on sale for only $5.99! So, why is it so cheap? Well the answer is simple. Red Faction Armageddon was created by THQ, which as most of you may know, is no more. Just not too long ago THQ went under, and all of their game series were sold to other companies (including Red Faction), so now it seems that they are just trying to get rid of whatever is left.

If you've never played a Red Faction game before, or if you were planning on playing one, now is the best chance you will ever see. It turns out all GameStops country wide are now selling the game for $5.99, and it seems to be in stock at most as well. By going to GameStop's RFA page you can easily check for it in a store near you. (

For anyone who does not know what Red Faction is, well, let me explain. Red Faction is a 3rd person shooter with a twist. The game uses a crazy physics engine which simulates realistic destruction. Taking different types of materials into account (such as steel, iron, concrete, etc), the structures in the game are extremely detailed, and are created to act just as they would in real life. So, for example, if you shoot a rocket right at a key structural point, it will be enough to bring the whole building down; however if you hit an area of lesser importance, the structure will still stand. So, what if there's a wall standing in your way? Well... You could look for a door and go around, or you could just hack your way through the plaster and whatever else might be standing in your way. In short, just about every single aspect of the world can be destroyed, and that's what the core gameplay is based around as well.

The destruction is more than just some gimmick to get you to go around and blow things up; it can also be used to your advantage as well. See a bridge in front of you with some guards on it? Well, go plant some charges near the ground, and set them off! The bridge will buckle, collapse, and everyone on the bridge will go down with it. Its a unique feature for a game to have, and because of the destruction you always have to be aware of what is around you. Sure, you can play the game as a flat out shooter (destroying everything in your way), but this tactical aspect of the game is where it really shines, and what makes Red Faction fun.

Now, I'm only speaking from experience of past games here. I have yet to play Armageddon enough to form a true opinion over the title, but that really doesn't matter. The simple fact is, its a game that a lot of you may enjoy, and it is extremely cheap. If you have 5 bucks to blow, you might as well check it out; you've really got nothing to lose. Just keep in mind that if you've played past entries in the series, then don't be disappointed when you find out this one is different. While the previous entry was open world, this one takes place underground.

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