Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero Kickstarter!

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Well Surprise surprise another Kickstarter post, although if it wasn't special I wouldn't have talked about it. As many of you may know, I am a BIIIIIIG Wayforward fan, (creators Ducktales remastered, Contra 4, The Mighty series like Mighty Switch force etc etc), they have started a Kickstarter for a brand new HD game for their Shantae series:

(By the way did you catch the 1/2 half reference? Hint its from a cult classic anime from the 1989-1992)

Shantae is a Action/adventure in the style of Metroid, Castlevania, The legend of Zelda and platformer, where you go around using your hair as a whip and dancing to transform into different creatures.

This will be a brand new start to the franchise, basically a reboot if you wanna call it that, with new story and new gameplay elements, (although most of the old and familiar ones are still intact from the previous installments).

But here is the big kicker, this game will be released on basically ALL HOME CONSOLES OUT THERE, yes even the Xbox one and PC.

Many of the stretch goals focus on adding new extra story chapters and extra game play features although if this game gets to the 1.3 million mark it has a TV as a hint, (maybe a TV show who knows), but all this game needs to be funded is 400.000 $.

I would suggest that if you are interested in supporting this awesome franchise, then by all means put at least 25$ into it since you will get the original soundtrack with it (and some songs exclusive to Kickstarters), which is being composed by none other then our beloved Jake Kaufman, (Has worked with Wayforward in every single one of their original games, is most known for his soundtrack in Mighty Switch force 1 and Ducktales remastered).

You can support this game here:

I hope that you will want to give this game a chance that it deserves :D  and as I am typing this there is still 29 days left in the kickstarter! This is all from CJ.

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