Beyond: Two Souls - Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow the latest game from Quantic Dream, Beyond, will be released. Beyond: Two Souls is a video game that walks the fine line between games and film, and it is sure to take gamers and non gamers alike down an emotional rollercoaster. The game follows a girl named Jody from childhood to adult hood, and it allows the players to see all of the trials and hardships she had to face.

On the surface this may seem like a drama story that just revolves around a normal girl who was unlucky enough to cast the wrong die, but in reality; she is anything but normal. Since birth Jody has been linked to an invisible "entity" of sorts. This thing has always been with her, and it has allowed her to do strange things. From moving objects, to taking control of people, to preforming super human actions; Jody has been able to do what no man or woman should have the power to do, and that has made her special. Due to that "gift," or rather "cruse," she has been forced to live a life of hardship.

If you are looking for a movie or TV show to watch, or a good book to read; why not consider Beyond instead?

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