Deus Ex Universe

Well, this is news I'm actually very excited to share with you guys. Just yesterday, Eidos Montreal posted a new post in their official site, talking about the future of the Deus Ex franchise. And from the post and my hopes combined, it really looks quite amazing.

They discussed about how Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut is going to come out on the main four consoles out right now - PC, Wii U, PS3 and the Xbox 360 - by the end of the month, talking about how people will be able to experience the game in a whole new way, combining the PSVita and Wii U GamePad.

Moreover, they introduced another thing they're working on - Deus Ex Universe.

According to their post, 'the concept behind Deus Ex: Universe is to create an ongoing, expanding and connected game world built across a generation of core games.' Also said is that Deus Ex Universe will include games on PC, home consoles, smartphones, and tablets, but will also include books, graphic novels, and more.

They also noted that they've already put the project on motion, and are currently working on the first game for Deus Ex Universe, which will be on the PC and all next gen consoles. They've also added a picture, stating that it represents a ''ghetto-city' voluntarily built in order to separate the classes.' Inside said city, the environment was reshaped to the ideal of a 'Cyber Renaissance,' and it will be the vision of the next Deus Ex game.

The picture in its full size can be found on this link.

In the meantime, a movie of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is said to come out next year, and the game Deus Ex: The Fall was supposed to come out on Android last month, but was postponed, since it took longer than they expected. Since I own an Android phone and tablet, there are already quite a few things I'm waiting for with the Deus Ex franchise. And this one takes the cake.

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