Kingdom Hearts III - D23 Trailer

If you are a Kingdom Hearts fan, then chances are you've been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III since 2006. Sure there have been quite a few releases since then, but they weren't quite the same. While Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days followed Roxas, Birth by Sleep followed Aqua, Terra, and Ven, and Coded followed Data Sora, the only sequel to actually step back into Sora's story was Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Although KH:DDD followed Sora's story and served as an intro to Kingdom Hearts III, it was still "just" a handheld game and not the next major entry in the series.

When Kingdom Hearts III was finally announced at E3 2013, a lot of fans went crazy. The game they had been waiting 7 years for had finally been announced, but the information given was very limiting. Square-Enix decided to show off a few clips, but no "true" gameplay was actually shown. That is until now!

At the D23 Expo in Japan, Square-Enix finally gave us another look at the upcoming game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and this time around we get to see nothing but gameplay! Check it out!

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