Pokemon X and Y - Out Now!

Today is the day. After a long wait, Pokemon X and Y is finally out! Not only is this the first Pokemon game to be released world wide on the same day, it is also the first Pokemon game to really take that next big step forward.

Over the years Pokemon games have always improved slightly on the last entry, but it has always stuck to the same core concepts. When the first two games were released, everything was simple. Although the games did feature deep gameplay, with a complex Pokemon stat and battle system, they were still black and white Game Boy games, they only used basic sprites, some of the menus were clunky to navigate, and the multiplayer element could only be used with a Game Boy Link Cable. By today's standards, Pokemon may have not been able to hold its ground; however, in reality, it has.

Every game release over the years has built upon what was started all them years ago. When Gold and Silver came out for the Game Boy Color, the only real difference was the inclusion of some light color effects, and the real time day and night cycle. Sure they added new Pokemon in as well, and fixed up the menus, but that didn't change the fact that it was still very much like what came before. The simple fact is, if you were to pick up a copy of Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Silver and stood in the very same place on both, the only true way to tell the difference between them would be by looking at the trainer.

When the Game Boy Advance came out, Pokemon did take  a larger step forward. The controls were streamlined (actions such as surf could now be used by pressing A by water), the game had higher detailed sprites, and the ability to run was included as well. Still, despite the game looking nicer, it was still very clear that it was Pokemon. Sure there were new Pokemon running around, and players got to explore a new region, but the thing is; it was still the same game. No major changes were made to the core gameplay, and even some aspects were removed from previous versions. Unknown to the players at the time, this would soon become the pattern Pokemon would follow.

With every release, Pokemon has basically been the same game over and over again with a few minor changes. When Pokemon made the jump to the DS the sprites gained even more detail, and a 3D effect was added in, but the games still remained the same. Sure, you could now battle online with friends, and you could trade Pokemon across the world, but other than that; the games were in fact the same. This remained to be the  for all of the Nintendo DS Pokemon games. Each release would make some minor changes to the sprites, or speed up the menus, or add in some extra little touches, but the games still remained the same at heart. That is, until now.

Pokemon X and Y aren't just the first main Pokemon games to be on the 3DS, they are also the first games to really take the series forward. They are the first main series games to be fully in 3D (with both a 3D overworld and 3D battles), they are the first main Pokemon titles to allow you to customize your trainer, they are the first titles to introduce "hoard" pokemon battles (in which mobs of pokemon attack you at once), they are the first to feature sky pokemon battles, and for the first time in Pokemon History, pokemon can actually evolve past their third forms! Although the games still have the same core aspect, this time around a lot has actually changed. Besides the new features, a new pokemon type has been added in called "Fairy Type" (which actually changes up the core gameplay), the pokemon EV system has been reworked to allow players better control over their pokemon's stats, and the game even will make use of a cloud storage app to save your pokemon and pass them down through the generations!

Overall, Pokemon X and Y truly are the first games to take a major jump forward in the series. While every game up until this point has held tightly onto its roots; with X and Y Nintendo decided to branch out. Even though the game has made many major changes to the Pokemon formula, it still is the Pokemon we have come to know and love. After all, despite going in different directions, the X and Y axis always meet at the center.

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