Friday, October 11, 2013

Xbox One will technically "spy" on you?

Hello there readers! Yes this may come a little late but its still some very big news, Yes the Xbox One will indeed be collecting your personal "voice" and data through the Kinect. They will Sell the data to Advertisement companies, so that they can send you more ads (now doesn't that sound fun). One of Microsoft's spoke persons named Yusuf Mehdi held a talk on Saturday at the Association of National Advertisers' annual convention that was titled "Winning the Game: Xbox Marketing." 

He brought up how Xbox one could "revolutionize" advertising as we know it, (yeah because we really do wanna buy a GAMING console just to see more ads. . . .).  This is what the man himself said: 

"We are trying to bridge some of the world between online and offline," Mehdi said. "We have a pretty unique position at Microsoft because of what we do with digital, as well as more and more with television because of Xbox. It's early days, but we're starting to put that together in more of a unifying way, and hopefully at some point we can start to offer that to advertisers broadly," 

Of course all of this shouldn't come as a surprise since Microsoft has been doing A LOT of very sketchy business decisions lately, but this will really shoot themselves in the foot, more ways then one. I mean think about it the Xbox one is going to take away your privacy, that is not a problem in US because there are no specific rules against it, but in EU it is. Microsoft will not be able to sell the console in EU regions at all, if they don't find a hole in the EU laws. They will lose millions of customers and Xbox fans because they want to "revolutionize" ads. . . . . . .

I'm just gonna say that I really feel sorry for all of you Xbox fans out there, I really do, I freaking loved the 360, loved the Halo franchise but now I can't enjoy Halo 5 or 6 because both of them will be in the ONE. 

Lets just hope that MS sees all the problems this "collecting data" with the Kinect will cause to their already damaged reputation, and their profits, lets hope that they will change their minds.

Last funny thing: Xbox one did get its first ad recently, and you guessed it, it had absolutely no games seen or mentioned in there, here take a look for yourself:

Thats all from me readers! Lets hope that MS has a change of heart VERY SOON, have a nice day!