Persona 5 Teaser Trailer

For quite some time now the video game company Atlus has been talking about the newest entry in their popular Persona series; however, they never really did tell us anything about it. We've known that the game has been in development, they announced that the themes the game would deal with have already been worked out, and they also hinted that it would be on an HD console. Other than that, our only real hint at what the future would bring was found in Persona 4 Arena; a game which united the characters from Persona 3 and 4, and introduced a new unseen enemy. Well, that has now all changed!

Atlus has officially released the first teaser trailer for Persona 5. While the trailer doesn't show much, it does have some pretty good hints at what is to come. Check it out below!

It is official. Persona 5 will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, it will apparently have 5 "lead" characters, and it seems to deal with some sort of prison theme. Are these 5 characters a mix of those from Persona 3 and 4? Or are they completely new original characters? That's something yet to be seen, but at least we now know a little something about the game; a game that will be released Winter of next year (2014) in Japan!

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