Welcome to Mii Verse Nintendo 3DS Owners!

Yesterday Nintendo finally took the next step forward and released Mii Verse on the Nintendo 3DS. After almost a year long wait, the online community and account system featured on the Wii U has finally made it to the 3DS. Owners of the Nintendo 3DS can now preform the latest system update which will add a brand new icon at the top right of the touch screen; this icon will allow users to access the Mii Verse community, create a log in ID (or link their 3DS to an existing Wii U log in ID), and it will also allow your 3DS eShop account to be linked with your ID (which in return will log your purchase history).

As of right now the Mii Verse feature is still limited. While on the Wii U you have access to a friends list where you can send private messages, the 3DS currently does not have any of these features. Sure you can follow other Mii Verse users for easy access to their posts, but you cannot actually put them on a "friends list." For now, the 3DS is continuing to use the Friend Code feature (which requires you and your friend to register each other's "friend code"), but that is sure to change in the future.

Nintendo still has quite a lot to get up and running if they want to fully integrate this feature with the 3DS, so it may be some time before it is working as it should.

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