Awesome games done quick 2014 Support the prevent cancer fondation!

Hello there readers! The AGDQ 2014 stream is underway right now. The whole idea behind this stream is that, famous speedrunners around the globe meet each other in one place, where they basically either speedrun games in variety of ways, even race other speedrunners of the same game!

All the money you donate during the stream will be sent to the prevent cancer foundation, and depending on how much you donate, you will also have the chance to win some very nice prizes; you can win prizes from plushies to some very rare collector's items.

The stream will end on 1/12/2014.

Enjoy the stream here:

I also have a update on what I have been doing. I am halfway done with the Dragon's crown review, and after I am done with the review I will post my game of the year of 2013.

That is all from me readers! Have a awesome day!

Update: The Stream has ended. Thank you for watching! Thanks to your support, they were able to raise over $1,000,000 for a great cause!

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