Super Kid Cannon trailer.

Hello there readers! CJ here with some news. It has been brought to our attention here at NGR, that a new interesting mobile indie game is in development; a game called Super kid Cannon:

Super Kid Cannon is a interesting new take on vertical platforming, where you basically just shoot Super Kid upwards in a more puzzle action fast paced manner. That may not sound like much when summarizing it all in a nut shell, but hey most mobile games are meant to be simple, yet challenging! I have played many different mobile games, and I think this is a pretty charming game at first glance. Not to mention that you are a red panda! Most likely the first one to appear as a mascot in gaming. 

Super kid Cannon will be released this year on a TBA date. It will be available at: App store, Windows store, Amazon store and Google Play.

More info about the game can be found at the official developers site:

That is all from me readers! Have a awesome day!

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