Friday, January 31, 2014

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords - Free for the next few days

For the next few days, The Legend of Zelda Four Swords is up for free to download on the Nintendo eShop. The game can be downloaded on either the Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo DSi, and it has been completely reworked for both single and multiplayer.

Originally Four Swords was a Game Boy Advance exclusive, where you and your friends took control of one of four Links, and solved "dungeon" like areas using co-op. Each area of the game would feature a wide verity of puzzles, and it required complete teamwork if you wanted to get past them. Because of this co-op based gameplay, the game could not be played by one person alone, and a lot of fans actually missed out on it. In order to play, you had to have two GBA systems, a link cable, and two copies of A Link to the Past's GBA release. With the eShop version, this is no longer an issue. Now you can take control of both Links, and switch between them at a press of a button. The game also features a few new areas based off of other Zelda games (such as Link's Awakening).

If you have not yet played 4 Swords, then what are you waiting for? This game is free, and worth downloading.