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Something interesting has showed up on Twitch's streaming service, and it is something everyone can take part in! As of right now, you can actually play Pokemon on Twitch; however, you are not the only one in control. On the "TwitchPlaysPokemon" channel, the original Pokemon Red/Blue version is running on a modified emulator which can actually pick up commands from those who enter them in the Twitch chat. By saying commands such as "up" or "down" or "A" or "B," you can control the character on screen. Now while this may seem like an easy way to play the game, you have to realize that you are not alone in this. Hundreds to thousands of other Twitch members are watching the very same stream, and they too are in control of the game at the same time. By somehow "working together" with these other members, your goal is to simply complete the game, or mess it up completely. It is a crazy way to play Pokemon, but it is also shockingly fun. You never know what is going to happen, and it is quite amazing how far the community has managed to make it.

If you would like to take part in the game, simply enter the link below, or you simply stay here, and watch the stream live.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on

Good luck everyone! We are going to need it!

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