First Interactive PS4 Game is Out - Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

With today's PlayStation Store update Sony officially released the first PlayStation 4 game to make use of the "Broadcasting +" option. Back during the PlayStation 4 announcement, Sony mentioned how gamers from around the world would be able to change the game you are playing, even if they do not own the game themselves, and in some cases even take full control. Although we haven't heard much about how this feature would be used, the brand new release "Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition" is the first game to make use of it in some form.

The game itself is an updated version of the original Dead Nation (which many PlayStation fans received as a free gift from Sony after the hacker attacks a few years ago). It includes the DLC released for the original game, it has updated graphics, it can make use of a companion app on mobile devices, and it also features a new scoreboard feature where you can challenge your friends. Overall it is still the same game many fans fell in love with all them years ago on the PlayStation 3, but its new features are a nice change of pace.

Now, even if you don't own this game, that doesn't mean you can't take part in playing it in at least some form. Thanks to the broadcasting + option, players watching Dead Nation streams on Twitch, Ustream, or PlayStation Live are given the option to "vote" on different events which will change the gameplay for the player. These voting sections will allow you to either vote to help the player (by providing them with different perks and what not), or you can also go down the "evil" path, be a complete jerk, and hinder the player instead. It all comes down to how you and the others watching the stream vote, and the outcomes can be quite fun to watch.

While the feature in Dead Nation may not be as interactive as later games to use it, it is still something we all can play around with, and that is better than nothing. If you plan on watching a Dead Nation stream (such as the NGR Stream tonight), or if you're planning on playing it for yourself, then I'd recommend at least testing this out at least once.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition can be downloaded for free as of right now if you are a PlayStation Plus member, but if not you can buy it for a measly 10 bucks. The game is fun, and well worth it.

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