Wii U will be able to use GameCube Controllers for Smash Bros

Today Nintendo announced something a bit shocking. For a lot of Super Smash Bros fans out there, the controller of choice is none other than the GameCube controller. While Super Smash Bros Brawl allowed you to use the Wii remote, Wii remote + Nunchuck Combo, and the Classic Controller, many found themselves returning to the controller they've become used to using since Melee. While the other controller schemes work just fine, something about the GCN controller just feels right. It fits firmly in your hands, it has a large and easy to reach A button, the B button is smaller and right below it, you have a C stick for quick access to Smash Attacks, the X and Y buttons are in each reach and can be used to jump, and the triggers are easy to press allowing you to guard and grab your enemy. The controller works great with a game like Super Smash Bros, and after spending years mastering the game with it, many gamers weren't quite ready to give it up for the upcoming Smash Bros for Wii U. Well, guess what? It turns out we won't have to!

Earlier today Nintendo announced that the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros (4) will once again support the GameCube controller. Although the Wii U console itself does not have a controller port, Nintendo will be releasing an add on to solve this issue. The new attachment is a box with four GameCube controller ports, and it will plug into the Wii U's USB ports. Along with this, Nintendo also showed off a Super Smash Bros themed controller which may or may not go on sale with it (we are going to assume the latter). While this is great news in all, there is more to this story than meets the eyes. What you should ask yourself is "just what could this mean for the Wii U in general?"Although Nintendo hasn't made an official statement, it is pretty clear that Smash will not be the only game to use this.

Back when the Wii U was first announced, Nintendo brought up the idea of using the Wii U's virtual console to play GCN games as well as titles from the Wii's VC. While in theory this was a great idea, the Wii U's controllers would have caused some major issues, and possibly prevented some games from being playable.
The problem is, the Wii U's triggers are not pressure sensitive. You have an off state, and an on state; that is it. You cannot lightly hold down a button. It is either on or off. So far this hasn't caused any major issues for Wii U titles out there (although racing games can be a bit strange at times), some GCN games actually required this feature; Super Mario Sunshine being just one of the many games. Now sure, there could have been an alternative on the gamepad's touch screen, or it could have been mapped to some sort of button combo, but that isn't the best solution... This controller port add on on the other hand, is perfect. Not only would it allow Nintendo to release GCN games and let them be played the way they were meant to be, but it also means they could make use of it in future titles. Racing games could once again give you more control, and even older Wii U titles could be updated to make use of it; not to mention we would also be able to use it on standard Wii games once again.

Overall, the release of this add on is a major step for the Wii U. A lot of games could really benefit from it, but it all really comes down to what Nintendo is willing to do themselves. If they can't see just how great this add on is, then it may never reach its full potential. Lets just hope that doesn't happen.

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