Final Fantasy Type-0 Remake is coming to the West on PS4 and Xbox One!

It has finally happened. After years of waiting, the PSP exclusive Final Fantasy "Type-0" is finally making it outside of Japan, but not in the way most of us expected. Rather than simply putting the original game on PSN for PSP and Vita owners to download, Square has decided to release an updated version of the game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4! While not much information about the update has been released, players can expect to see greatly improved visuals and character models, english voice acting, and most likely the return of the online features. On top of that, the game's spin off "Agito" will also be coming to the west as a free to play iOS and Android title.

So, just what is Type-0, and why should you be excited? Well, there are a lot of reasons. The game itself follows the story of "Class Zero" from a magic/military academy, and rather than playing as one member of the class, you have control over all of them (14 in all). Each member of Class Zero has their own fighting style and weapon, and they can be customized in different ways as well. The gameplay is in real time, with different movies and actions assigned to different buttons similar to Crisis Core, but it also uses a party system making the game a bit more strategic. Progression is handled in a mission based style, where you're sent to different locations with different goals to complete, but the game does still feature a world map where war mini games (such as air ship battles) can take place. Overall, Type-0 is one of the largest Final Fantasy games on a handheld, and some might argue that it is one of the best Final Fantasy games to come out in a long time.

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