Zelda Reveals - Hyrule Warriors Trailer and Zelda U Info - Nintendo E3 2014

     Eiji Aonuma opened the Zelda portion of the E3 presentation by discussing his endeavors for the Zelda series. Making it more open such as in Zelda 1 or Wind Waker was something the development team apparently had in mind when developing the short concept shown today for a new Zelda; with what appears to be a fully open world! The short video shown off presented yet another redesign for Link as well. While hooded for a majority of it, when he finally takes his cloak off he reveals a blue shirt underneath with no cap at all, and a facial design reminiscent of both Twilight Princess and early art for Link, such as that seen in a Link to the Past or the Oracle games.

     Hyrule Warriors got some nice reveals as well, with the new trailer announcing multiplayer, and Zelda, Impa and even Midna as playable characters. I'm not a fan of Dynasty Warriors gameplay personally but the ability to play as Midna sold me on this game immediately. Now if only it had online play...

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