Darkwood Early Access Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day. It has been a year since the indie horror survival game "Darkwood" was successfully funded, but soon it will be available on Steam's early access for $14.99. But, just what is Darkwood you ask? Well, to put it simply....

Darkwood is a brand new indie game form the three man team over at Acid Wizard Studio. It is a horror survival rogue-like which features a top view perspective, and a massive open world. Like most rogue-likes, each time you play the world around you changes, and the game gives you the freedom to do as you wish. For example, when you come across the nightmareish creatures lurking in the dark, you can choose to run or fight, and as you explore the world, it is up to you to decide just what sort of actions you want to take. Just about everything you decide to do in the game will alter it, ensuring each playthrough is different from the last.

For more information, check out the game's official website, or its steam page found below:


As for anyone who would like to see some of the decision making in action, you can also check out this interactive trailer:


Good luck surviving everyone!

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