XBlaze Vita Patch Now Live



If you're one of the people who chose the Vita version of XBlaze over the PS3 version, then there's a chance that you've come across some some "game breaking" bugs. While these glitches don't prevent you from progressing, they did make it impossible to earn the game's platinum trophy. The glitches occurred during specific scenes in the story, and during the joke path when you would try to save your game (or quick save your game). Rather than saving for a few seconds, and then giving you a message that the game had been saved, it would lock up, and force you to restart the application. Upon reloading it would still show what time you attempted to save your game, and what chapter you were on, but in reality, the game didn't save. Now of course you could use the skip message option to speed back to where you were in a minute or so (even if your save was hours back, it doesn't take long for the auto message to get you back to where you were), and you could then continue on like normal.

While the glitches wouldn't really bother someone who is just playing through the game, anyone going for the platinum would be stopped dead in their tracks. One of the trophies requires you to view all of the story recaps (which also sometime reveal extra story information), and to do so you must save and reload three times during the start of a chapter, and at the midpoint a chapter (typically after scene 6). Since the bug stopped you from saving during specific scenes, and during almost the entire joke path, it was impossible to view them. Well, not anymore. Finally the game has been patched, so all of you trophy hunters can jump back in, and finally get them last few recaps! Just open the game from the Live Area, click the little orange update icon (which should appear after a few seconds if you're connected to the internet), and then click it again to install it once the download is finished.

Also we have updated our XBlaze review to reflect the changes; so feel free to check it out if you are at all interested in this game.

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