Introducing the New Nintendo 3DS

Like the DS, GBA, and GBC/GB line before it, the Nintendo 3DS has already had a few different models. The console has already received multiple colors and special editions, a larger "XL" version, and a "2D" version called the "2DS." For some this may seem like enough, but Nintendo isn't quite ready to call it quits.

Meet the new Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL! While at first glance it may seem to be similar to the originals, it has some new key features which fans have been asking for for years. On the right side of the console is a mini "nub" which acts as a right analog stick/circle pad, and on the back is a second set of triggers. Previously gamers would have had to buy the "Circle Pad Pro" add on to gain these extra buttons, but not too many people cared for it. It made the 3DS bulky, and caused the screen to be off center when you held it in your hands.

On top of the addition of the new buttons, the new 3DS also has a built in NFC reader (similar to the Wii U's controller) which allows players to make use of the upcoming Amiibo figures, an 3D, and a stronger CPU which allows for faster system operations (such as browsing the eShop, using Mii Verse, etc). Nintendo will also be releasing sliding covers for the new 3DS which will allow you to change its color and style.

As of right now the new models are scheduled for release in Japan October of next year.

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