Resident Evil Revelations 2

A couple of weeks ago Capcom showed off a live action trailer for their upcoming title Resident Evil Revelations 2. Although at the time not much information was given, the trailer hinted at the return of Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica's lead Claire Redfield. While Capcom didn't come out and say the game would be following her, her company's logo was seen for a few seconds on the back of a guy's shirt, and they then proceeded to say that the game would not follow Jill or Chris. Well, a week went by and the details of Revelations 2 leaked online, but now Capcom has finally made it "official." (Not that the leaked magazine scans you may have seen weren't, it's just that now Capcom themselves have made the announcement.)

Just as many might have suspected, Claire is in fact the main character of the game but joining her is Barry's (a supporting character from the first Resident Evil whom has appeared off and on throughout the series) daughter Moira. The game will be co-op with Claire being the Zombie(and bio weapon) hunting vet, and Moira as the kid with a flash light who supports her in a verity of different ways. Other than that not much is known about the story (as the story itself is a mystery we must uncover for ourselves in game) besides the fact that it takes place between Resident Evil 5 and 6, and follows Claire and Moira after they find themselves waking up on a strange island in the middle of a nightmare. Like the original Revelations, Revelations 2 will be more horror survival based, with gameplay closer to that of Resident Evil 4 rather than the over the top shooter action seen in later games (5 and 6).

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be coming out early next year, but the way Capcom is releasing it is a bit different. According to Capcom they wanted this game to play out like a TV show of sorts, and as such it will be split into four episodes with one being released each week. You can either buy each episode as a stand alone for $6, or you can buy them all at once for $25. While the full package costs a dollar more than buying each episode on its own, Capcom promises to include more content in the complete package. Once all four episodes are out, Capcom will be releasing a physical copy of the game as well, which will include all of the content from the "complete" package, as well as some exclusive physical content. Although Capcom didn't go into the details about what all of this extra content is, they made it pretty clear we are all better off just waiting for the full retail release.

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