PlayStation TV Out Today

Are you a gamer who is interested in some of the games on the PlayStation Vita, but do not want to spend over 200 bucks on a handheld? Well, then today is they you have been waiting for. The $99 PlayStation TV (known as the Vita TV in Japan) is now officially on sale in the US. Although the standard version is only $99, you must provide your own PlayStation 3 controller, and it only comes with 1 GB of internal memory for game saves and DLC. Meanwhile a bundle can be bought for around $139 which does in fact come with a controller, as well as an 8 GB memory card on top of the internal 1 GB.

As for you who are wondering "what is the PlayStation TV?" Well, let us explain. The PlayStation TV is a home console version of the PlayStation Vita. It supports close to 700 of the games currently available for the Vita (PSOne, and PSP games included), and it can use other Vita features as well. Applications such as Netflix can be used, PlayStation 4 games can be played on it by using remote play to connect to a PS4 (assuming you have one), the PlayStation Now service (which allows you to stream PS3 games and possibly PS2 and other types of games in the future) can be used, and of course all the key PlayStation Network features are there as well. The PlayStation TV is a Vita, but due to the lack of a touch screen and touch pad games that require them cannot be played (Tearaway for example). Other than that, it is a full console.

If you're a Vita owner who would like to play it's games on the big screen, or if you're one of those who has put off buying one, then the PlayStation TV may be just for you.

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