Thursday, October 30, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles is coming to Steam!

In about two weeks the PS3 Turn Based Strategy/Tactical Role Playing Game Valkyria Chronicles will be coming to Steam. Originally released as a PS3 exclusive, Valkyria Chronicles tells a story that mirrors WWII in a brand new world, with a unique cross between real time and turn based styled gameplay. Take command of your units (each with their own personalities and traits which can either help or hinder you on the battle field), use your skills to conquer your enemies, and ultimately reclaim your country.

Due to the game's unique gridless battlefield, you are free to move your units anywhere you want, and do just about anything your brain can come up with. The game doesn't limit you on how you pull off a plans, and that in return creates some truly interesting battles. Exploit every weakness and hole you see in the opponent's strategy, and make your team stronger in the process. While the game does use a class/level up system like other tactical role playing games/strategy games, it does things different in this area as well. Rather than leveling up single units, classes level up instead meaning even new units and units you rarely use will enter fights just as strong as the rest of the team. You're never at a disadvantage, and it all comes down to you being able to outsmart your enemy.

The game truly is unique, and it also tells a heart warming story as well. It can be quite depressing at times, funny when it needs to be, and it is filled with excitement. It really is one of those games fans of the genre shouldn't miss out on, and now finally it is open to a wider audience. On top of that, this may be the series' last chance. After a failed release on the PSP, SEGA dropped plans of bringing future entries to the west (including Valkyria Chronicles 3 which some may argue is the best in the series).

So with that being said, feel free to check it out, and show your support