Final Fantasy XV - Meet Cidney

It's been quite awhile since I've last talked about Final Fantasy XV here, and since the last post quite a lot has happened. Square showed off a massive open field area, they released a trailer with English voice acting, and we got a little bit more insight on the game's features such as the use of the car and combat. Well, now Square has dropped another bomb shell and finally shown off a new character--Cidney the very first female Cid.

Now for anyone who isn't a Final Fantasy fan, or knows little to nothing about the series, "Cid" is a name that is seen in basically every title. Sometimes Cid is a party member whom travels with you throughout the majority of the game, other times he is a supporting character who may (or may not) play a key role in the story, and every once in awhile Cid is even seen as a villain. Whatever the case, Cid is an important part of the series, if only in name. Each title features a new Cid or Cids (yes, more than one), and that's just something fans have come to expect. Of course this isn't the only recurring name, but it is the focus of today's new trailer.

Rather than giving us a Cid, Square has changed it up once again and this time they have given us a Cidney--a female Cid whom works as a mechanic. While not much is really known about her, other than the fact that she works on cars and has a southern accent in the English version, it's at least good to know that they are changing it up this time, and giving us another female character while doing so. Previously there was a lack of female characters in the game (it was even stated that the party consists of all males--which may or may not change), so Cidney is going to be a much welcomed addition to the cast by many.

Other than the news of Cidney, the new trailer also shows off towns, cars in towns, and a massive titan to fight out in the field. Again we don't have too much information to go on here, so check out the trailer below if you'd like to see it for yourself.

It's been a long time since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was originally announced, but it's good to see work finally progressing at a steady pace. After years of little to no information, we are finally getting what we've waited oh so long for. Let's just hope the final product was worth the wait.

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