New King's Quest trailer at Game Awards 2014

Tonight during the Game Awards 2014 a segment was held in honor of those who made a great impact on the gaming industry. This segment revolved entirely around Sierra's innovations in early home computer gaming with a lot of history and visuals of their past games. Near the end of the segment Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of Sierra On-Line, were called on stage to accept an award for their efforts in gaming, just before The Odd Gentlemen presented their trailer for the new King's Quest.

We've finally gotten a glimpse at the works of The Odd Gentlemen and it looks like it's truly paid off, with beautiful visuals and an intriguing reimagining of the King's Quest world. Although gameplay was not excessively shown off, it does feature Graham hopping through caves, sneaking past dragons and oddly enough obtaining one of the great treasure of Daventry, hinting at this possibly being a reimagining of the original King's Quest. They've breathed new life into this series and it looks like it's ready to show the world that it's still got some weight in the industry.

As someone who loves King's Quest I'm super excited for this game, which will be releasing on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in Fall 2015. Here's hoping King's Quest gets a chance at being a series again!

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