Announcing "Ben's Corner!" - NGR returning to it's Roots

Hey everyone, how's it been? I know it's been quite some time since I've made a "personal" post like this, but I wanted to take some time today to explain some things that will be changing here at NGR -- or rather, to announce that things will be slowly returning to the way they once were. You see, back when NGR first opened four years ago, we were all about the people. Sure, we would share news articles and what not, but the sort of things you would see here most of the time were reviews, top 10 lists, discussion topics, and just personal posts in general. Instead of writing about the same old news story you may have seen hundreds of times already, it was a blog about us, the writers, and you, the community. Instead of posting about that new game coming out everyone already knew about, we would share our thoughts and feelings on it, and rather than simply writing about whatever popped into our heads (or into the news), we would look at what you guys wanted to see, and do it if possible. A lot of our older enteries actually came from questions we were personally asked, and others actually came from discussions we had with our readers. This is the sort of thing we would love to bring back, and it is the reason I'm making this post today.

Starting later today I'll be opening a new blog series here on NGR. The series will be called "Ben's Corner," and it will be me personally returning to our old style. Of course we'll still be posting news articles, reviews, and whatever else you've come to expect, but this series will truely take this blog back to our roots. It'll be a series of personal entries from me, and they will not reflect the views of NGR in general. I'll be sharing stories, discussing things I currently have on my mind, and hopefully I'll be able to get you guys involved again as well. I'm willing to answer any questions you'd like to know the answers to, and I'll glady discuss anything you are interested in as well (if possible of course).

With all of that being said, I'd just like to remind you guys that these posts will be my own personal opinions, and at some point I may say something you disagree with. I just ask that you guys respect my opinions, but at the same time feel free to disagree with me and leave it in the comments! It's just one of the many ways you guys can get involved, and I would love to see your feedback! (Just like old times.)

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