Grandia II out today on PC

I know it has been quite some time since my last post, life and what not has been getting in the way, but today I wanted to take the time to let all of you JRPG fans know about a new release -- or rather a rerelease.

15 years after it's original launch on the Dream Cast, Grandia II is finally making it's return on the pc. Known as the best in the series by some, Grandia II was the first game to be in 3D, and was a must have for SEGA DC owners. Of course it did get a port to the PS2 and PC later, but it suffered from issues, and was not very well received. As for this PC release, it is a slightly remastered DC version, and it is being released on quite a few major online PC stores (specifically Steam and gog).

So, if you're one of the people who missed out on this back in the day, now is your chance to finally check it out! It will be up for $15 for awhile, but will then jump to $20 once the deal is over.

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