Metal Gear Solid V - Out Now

Well it's been a long wait, but today is finally the day! Metal Gear Solid V is officially out! It's been years since we first heard about the open world project "Ground Zeroes," but back then most never dreamed that it would become a part of the next numbered title. For years, many of us speculated what MGS5 may be, and when it's official announcement came many were ecstatic. What we were shown was a massive open world game, released across multiple consoles (both new and old), and amazing trailers which promised us the biggest MGS to date. Of course back then we never thought it would also be the end of the series, but things do change.

Although nothing is official, with Kojima leaving Konami it's really hard to see things continue as they were. Kojima was the creator of the series, and ever since the original release of Metal Gear he has been with it every step of the way. Of course he wasn't involved in all projects (such as the remake of MGS 1), but it was thanks to him that the series even came into existence, and he was the one who drove the game's story forward. Without Kojima, Metal Gear Solid just doesn't feel like Metal Gear Solid, and because of that it's really hard to tell what this series' future will be like.

So, with that being said, Metal Gear Solid V can be seen as the series' final send off. It's the largest game the team has ever created, and it's the game that will bring an end to the story we all know and love. And if it does somehow continue past this? Well, we will cross that bridge when we get there. For now, let's just enjoy the game we have waited oh so long for.

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