Monday, September 21, 2015

PlayStation 20th Anniversary Controller

Well a blast from the past came in the mail today, the 20th Anniversary edition PlayStation 4 controller! While it still has the PS4's design, this new controller uses the original colors, and PS icon from the first PlayStation. Really it is kind of hard to believe that the PS1 is 20 years old now, but I guess time flies when you're having fun!

I still remember the day when I first got a PlayStation... It was a Christmas present I got to open the night before, and I was so excited finally being able to play that Rugrats game I wanted so much. Of course I had played my uncle's PS1 many times prior, but he would never spend his cash on something like Rugrats (although, he watched it?). So yeah, I was stuck waiting for my own, and when that day finally came, everything changed. I spent so much time playing that thing, and many of my favorite games of all time were published on it. So many great memories, and so many great games.

Anyway, if you are a long time fan, or someone looking for a new controller -- this one just may be the one to buy. It would go great with that free PlayStation theme (complete with PS1 sounds).