3DS News - Final Fantasy Explorers Amazon Issue, and Detective Pikachu?

Update: Final Fantasy Explorers is once again in stock at Amazon. For original story, see below:

Today I have both good and bad news to share with you all, but first let's get the bad out of the way. If you're one of the people who decided to make use of Amazon's game deal we mentioned the other day, and if you used it to buy the brand new 3DS game "Final Fantasy Explorers" -- then you may (or may not) have received some sad news regarding it. Amazon is out of stock, and your preorder has been canceled. It appears that a lack of copies is in fact to blame for this, and not a mistake on Amazon's part. While there is a chance the game can be bought at a local store near you, it seems as if there is a lack of copies in general. Many stores have sold out quickly, and more copies will not be in until early next month. As for those of you who wish to stick with Amazon, if your order was in fact canceled you will receive an email asking if you would still like it or not. If you confirm that you do indeed want a copy of the game, you'll be put on the waiting list and get one as soon as possible, but if not the order will be canceled. Of course not everyone had their orders canceled, so if you were lucky enough to get it -- enjoy.

(Sherlock Pikachu is on the case!)
As for the good news, or rather, odd news... The Pokemon Company has officially announced a brand new Pokemon spin off called the "Great Detective Pikachu." While not much is actually known about this game, it features a young man and a talking male Pikachu who claims he is a "famous detective" (possibly similar to the famous Sherlock Holmes and Watson). With the quick glances we've got to seen from the trailer, it appears both will travel the world helping both people and pokemon alike, but the actual gameplay still remains a mystery itself. Even so, this may be one of the most interesting things we've seen from the Pokemon series in quite awhile, and it is definitely something no one would have ever expected. The game will be released on the 3DS in Japan early next month, but no US release has been confirmed as of yet.

For more information, check out the official trailer below:

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