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Unless you're someone who knows nothing about Nintendo, then I'm sure you know that they have been undergoing quite a few changes -- one of which being their account and reward system. Originally Nintendo used a service called "Club Nintendo" where you could register the games you buy to earn points towards rewards, but now the service is long gone and fans have been waiting for  it's replacement. On the other side of things, there was (or rather, still is) the whole "Nintendo Network" system. This would connect to your Club Nintendo account so that you could earn points from digital games, but it's main purpose is to allow you to access the online store, post on Nintendo's social network, and make use of other online features -- it is basically your typical account system. Of course, Nintendo Network isn't perfect (as it is missing many key features most account systems use), but all of this is about to change.

Awhile back Nintendo announced the new "Nintendo Account" system which merges both Club Nintendo and Nintendo Network into one. It's a rewards system where you'll earn platinum points for completing different actions (such as buying games), it's an online ID system that will be used by multiple Nintendo platforms, and it'll also be something that can be used in real world stores for different rewards and bonuses thanks to Nintendo's new mobile focused apps. Of course it'll be awhile before we get to this point, but you can begin earning points today!

By going to the link below, you can now sign up for a Nintendo Account (or use an existing Nintendo Network ID, or social media account to create the account) and "preorder" Nintendo's first mobile app "Miitomo." This app is a social media styled "game" that allows you to create your own Mii and interact with friends, and by making an account before it releases you will earn platinum points for your account. Of course you don't actually have to play the game, so anyone who plays Nintendo games and is interested in the new reward system, really has no reason not to do so. It's fast and easy, and just a single click away:

Miitomo won't actually be released until next month, but by registering you'll also get notified the moment it goes online. Just keep in mind that you'll need either an iOS or Android device to play it if you are interested.

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