Vita Owners, still can't log into the PS Store? Try this trick!

With new games going up on the PS Store for the PlayStation Vita (such as Digimon), here's something you may want to know about. This was actually passed along to me by fellow writer GlacialLeaf, but I figured I'd go ahead and pass it along.

As some of you may know, after the latest Vita update the store no longer wants to work as it should. While some people are fine and can access the shop without issues, many others have found themselves waiting at a loading screen with nothing ever actually loading. Sadly there's not much we can do about this until Sony works on it on their end, but there is a trick that may help you gain access again. So, if you're one of the people who cannot get in, try this:

1. Hold the PS Button to bring up your Vita's menu.
2. Check flight mode/airplane mode to turn it on.
3. Hold the Vita's power button, and fully shut down the system.
4. Wait a few seconds and turn the Vita back on.
5. Hold the PS Button again, and turn off flight mode.

Once you have done this, try logging into the store and it should work. Of course there's always a chance it still won't load, but if that's the case all you can do is keep trying.

Hopefully this helps out everyone who has the issue, but I can't make any promises. Sorry...

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