LocoRoco Returns May 9th!

A little over 11 years ago Sony released the unique PSP platformer LocoRoco to the world. It was a game that let you control little blob creatures by tilting the world, and every little sound made and every note they sang created the stage's background music. It was a game that would burn itself into the memory of all who played, and sadly it's a game that faded into the background to never be seen again. Until now!

May 9th LocoRoco finally returns on the PlayStation 4 as "LocoRoco Remastered." This remastered version of the game features everything fans loved about the original, but with it's own added twists for the new generation. The multiple character types from LocoRoco 2 have been added into the mix, new touch and motion controls have been added (let's face it, this is a game that begged to have motion control as an option!), and other new extras have been added as well. To top it all off, the game is releasing for only around $15 in the US.

For more information, check out the trailer below:

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