E3 2017 Schedule

It's that time of year again, time for E3! This year things are being changed up a bit, so I figured I'd go ahead and post a full schedule before it's too late -- as it's actually starting in two days. These times will be listed in order, and under PT to make things easier for everyone (especially those who may actually get to go to E3).

EA - June 10th 12PM PT

Microsoft - June 11th 2PM PT

Bethesda - June 11th 9PM PT

Devolver Digital - June 11th 10PM PT

PC Show - June 12th 10AM PT

Ubisoft - June 12th 1PM PT

Sony - June 12th 6PM PT

Nintendo - June 13th 9AM PT

As you can see, rather than having most shows on Monday, this time around we are starting on Saturday, with the Microsoft show and PC shows being flipped from what we typically expect. Like always we here at NGR will be sharing news updates, trailers, and our thoughts on the announcements.

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