Arc System Works Announces "BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle"

A day late on this one, but oh well! A few years ago it was mentioned that Arc System Works would one day like to create some sort of crossover game with BlazBlue using a tag team system. Originally the idea was pitched as being possibly BlazBlue x Guilty Gear, but after nothing was really said about it. Really this sort of thing isn't uncommon, developers pitch ideas all the time, so not many gave it another thought. Until yesterday that is.

It turns out that BlazBlue will be getting a crossover game, and it WILL be a game with a tag system. Dubbed: "BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle" (BBCTB -- apparently keeping with the "BlazBlue C." naming system for it's sub title), this new game is a crossover fighter that no one ever expected. Yes, it's BlazBlue, but what is the other game (in reality games) featured in this? None other than Arc System Works' very own Persona 4 Arena (the fighting spin off sequel to Persona 4/4 Golden and Persona 3), as well as a series they helped bring from the arcades to consoles -- UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late (or more specifically, the new "[st]" version).

From what we've seen so far, all three series will use the characters and their sprites ripped directly from their source game (which does create a bit of a clash with UNDER NIGHT and BlazBlue), but there will be new characters and content as well. More specifically, the fourth series this title is crossing over with -- "RWBY." Now that's a shock.

For anyone who doesn't know, RWBY is an online animated web series by Rooster Teeth that was created by the amazing animator Monty Oum. Sadly Monty can no longer be with us, but thankfully his memory and his dream will live on. RWBY has continued to gain popularity over the years (even getting it's own video game), and now Ruby herself has joined the fight along side the likes of Ragna, Yu, and Hyde.

Of course not much else is known about this game at the moment, but you can check out the first trailer below!

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