Happy Halloween!

Well it's Halloween again, and once again the years fly on by! Of course I rarely do anything for Halloween (outside of celebrating my grandpa's birthday), but it seems like every year I end up spending the rest of the playing some sort of game -- and it's typically the same game! I guess it's just the dates they release on, but it almost never fails. So what is this game/series I'm talking about? Assassin's Creed of course.

The AC series is something I'll play to kill time during Thanksgiving too, but with a lot of the games releasing in October, I end up having it for Halloween as well. In one case though, things were a bit different, and a (somewhat) funny story came out of it.

You see Assassin's Creed II was finally coming out in just a few weeks, and I couldn't wait. To get myself ready for the next chapter I decided to spend some time with the original game. It was my first year in college at the time, and I remember my mom's friend stopping by with her young kids. I didn't think much about it, but as soon as they looked in my room and saw me riding a horse, they flipped. The problem? The moment they started walking in here I had already left the horse, and had a knife jabbed through some guard's neck. I paused the game instantly, and sat there looking at the kids as they eagerly waited for me to unpause so they could see what I was playing... Yeah, that wasn't easy to do.

I don't remember how I managed to pull it off (maybe I shut the TV off and unpaused?) But afterwords the kids stayed in my room and watched me play. I had to do my best to avoid killing people, but they were excited to see me riding around again. I’m not sure how long they stayed watching me, but they seemed to really like the game (or at least what I was able to show them). Of course I didn’t tell them the name of the game, or tell their parents what one it was.

That wouldn’t be the first, or the last, time I had to hide the game from them, but it was the only time in Halloween. When AC2 came out a month later it happened again, but oh well.

Anyway that’s just one of the stories Halloween reminds me of — at least gaming related stories. It’s a fond memory now, and it’s something I think back to as I’ve been playing Origins. I’m sure those kids are grown up now... Maybe they can finally play it for themselves?

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