Science Adventure Visual Novel "Chaos;Child" Is Out a Week Early

The Science Adventure series is one that has been slowly gaining popularity here in the West. Although the original Chaos;Head anime might not have captured people's attention (it's not even a faithful adaptation of the game), the release of Steins;Gate was a different story. The anime became a hit among viewers, the series quickly gained the rep of being one of the best sci-fi time traveling stories out there, and a few years later the visual novel was released here as well. Considering the niche market Steins;Gate was aimed at, it was actually quite impressive just how popular it became over seas -- and thankfully it didn't stop there.

Last year saw the release of Steins;Gate 0, the sequel, and now another year later we have the official English release of Chaos;Child. Although the game was set to release next week, PSN has actually released it a week early! While the game does feature a new cast of characters, the story itself is set roughly five years after the events of Steins;Gate, and is connected to the Science Adventure storyline as a whole. Rather than time travel, this entry in the series focuses on a series of strange murders, and people with the ability to change the world around them with their own delusions (a main plot point from the original Chaos;Head).

Although Chaos;Child is a part of a long running series, it is also very much a story of it's own, and can be enjoyed by both fans and newcomers alike. The game is now on both PS4 and Vita. Just keep in mind it is a visual novel, with tons of reading.

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