Video Game Halloween Costumes

As a kid I was never too big on Halloween. Rather than getting into the whole ghost and monster thing, I was only in it for one reason -- to dress as my favorite characters. Over the years I did have some pretty cool costumes, such as Power Rangers, Super Man, Batman Beyond, and a giant dinosaur that had a built in fan to blow it up, but the one thing I really wanted to be didn't seem to exist... I wanted to be my favorite video game characters! Back then gaming wasn't as huge as it is today, and dressing as a video game character was basically out of the question. Sure you could make your own at home, but that wasn't for me. Instead each year we'd go to the local Walmart or Target and pick a costume out there instead -- which would either be monsters, or TV show characters. Today however, this is a different story. One trip through the Halloween section about a week ago saw my childhood dreams come true, and today I'd like to share some of the things I saw with you all.

Now before I begin, I'd like to mention that nearly all of these costumes came in both kid and adult sizes, and many had both male and female versions that were unique. So even if you're not a kid anymore, don't think you've missed out!

Super Mario:

Man I would've loved this as a kid. In today's world Mario costumes seem to be everywhere! There's Mario (which I actually bought a Halloween party about four or five years ago), Luigi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, and even characters like Donkey Kong (which are their own series, yet also connected to Mario). Each of the costumes seem to come with everything you need to pull off the basic look (as a good costume should), but there are also some that are a bit more unique. For example, both Mario and Luigi have a female version of themselves, and there's also a Mario riding on Yoshi costume.


Besides Mario, Zelda also seems to have a wide selection of costumes -- which are basically what you'd expect. We have multiple Link costumes in his green tunic, and of course we have Zelda herself; however, it looks like Breath of the Wild has entered the scene as well. Link's blue outfit from the new game is also an option.


It's really nothing new seeing Pokemon costumes, as I can remember seeing them when I was younger as well, but it's still nice to see either way. This year not only did I see classics such as Pikachu, but I came across a full Ash costume as well -- something I would've loved to had as a kid, but never got. With Pokemon becoming even more popular as the years go on, it's no wonder these costumes are still in demand. (Maybe some will even wear these while doing the Pokemon Go event?)


Although you may not hear as much about Halo now days, it's still a very popular series, and it continues to receive novel after novel -- although I doubt many kids care about that. Instead what many kids, (but mostly adults) will see is this line of Halloween costumes. Not only does it have our favorite Spartan-II John-117 (Master Chief) decked out in his Mjolnir armor, but Spartan Locke as well. If being a specific character isn't your thing though, there's also a red team spartan and blue team spartan costume as well. And yes, there's Cortana too, and no, it's not body paint.

Assassin's Creed:

I should've seen this one coming (especially after finding an Ezio Christmas ornament last year). The Assassin's Creed line features different assassins across the ages, and comes in both a kids and adult sizes. While some characters have multiple outfit options (such as Ezio), most seem to use their "normal" iconic assassin robe. These costumes also come in a slimmed down female form, so there's that option as well. Of course, don't expect all the fancy weapons, and you'll need one of the role play hidden blades they sell if you want the full effect. Just keep in mind they're for adults, and not kids.


Yep, that's right! Sonic costumes are out there as well! Although, it really makes you look more like the "Sonic Man" guy from Sonic 2006. It's a hedgehog head hat thing, with a blue body suit. Still fun for those who want to dress as Sonic. (Although, you could just get a full on mascot suit like you see at the Summer of Sonic events. And in those SEGA YouTube videos.)

Mega Man (Classic):

Mega Man may be "dead," but his Halloween costume isn't! Shockingly, a classic Mega Man costume exists for both kids and adults. This costume contains the full classic blue suit, a mega buster arm, and of course the original Mega Man's helmet. This is yet another costume I would've LOVED (in fact I even used to dream of it...) to have as a kid, and a part of wants to buy it to run around just like Frank West... Or not. Still cool either way!

And More:

The above costumes are just the ones I've come across. In reality there exists hundreds (if not thousand) of possible costumes out there for you to buy, or you could always make your own. Considering how popular cosplaying is, you actually aren't limited to what the stores sell on Halloween. Nearly every popular character has a costume you can buy, so if you're willing to pay the sky is the limits.

Hopefully these costumes gave some of you an idea on what you can be this year (if you want to dress up), or at least provided you with some interesting information.

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