Mega Man X Legacy Collection New Info & Trailer

A few months ago the Mega Man X Legacy Collection was announced by Capcom. Well now we finally have more news on this release, and things are looking pretty good! Like the previous Mega Man Classic collections, the X Collection will be split into two releases. As some might expect, X1-4 will be featured in the first, and X5-8 will be in the second. Both collections will be released July 24th, but things will be a bit different depending on your console of choice.

Although you will be able to buy both collections in a single bundle, the Nintendo Switch version will not be receiving Collection 2 on it's own game card. Like the Resident Evil Revelations collection before it, the second half of the X series will in fact be digital download only. (At least here in the west.) While this may not be a big deal to some, it is a little bit of a let down that Switch owners will have to use more memory to play this game. Meanwhile the PS4 version does in fact come with a disc for each collection.

Putting all of this aside though, the collections do offer some bonus features as well. A new challenge mode has been added in where you can fight bosses from across the series, and the Day of Sigma OVA from Maverick Hunter X on PSP has been included. This OVA actually acts as a prequel to the entire Mega Man X series, but it does have a few differences from what many fans may know and love. After all the OVA was created for the series reboot, but sadly that never continued past the first game.

Anyway, for more information feel free to check out the trailer below!

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