Rune Factory NOT Cancelled And is Now Coming To The Switch!

So this is both sort of an announcement, and a follow up to some of our previous blog posts. Shockingly the news that Rune Factory 4 wasn't going to release in the EU is one of our most read posts here at NGR. We constantly get hits for the page (even after we updated it when the DID eventually release there), so it's clear that many of our readers actually care about the series (me included)! Now with that being said... Rune Factory 4 HD is coming to the switch, and Rune Factory 5 is now in the works!

Yep, that's right! If you happened to miss the Nintendo Direct from yesterday, here's a trailer to catch you up to speed:

(Special Thanks to GameTrailers for uploading this)

Although there's no information about Rune Factory 5, it's great to hear that the series is actually continuing. After the original dev team went under, the chances of a follow up to 4 were slim. Thankfully the team was reunited under Marvelous AQL though, and that's what makes both RF4 Special and RF5 possible.

So with that being said. I personally cannot wait! As a long time Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons fan, more games in the series is always welcome. Especially when it comes to the Rune Factory side of things.

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