Ben's Top Horror - #3: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite, man how long has it been?

When I first heard about Bioshock it was during the early days of me owning my Xbox 360. I was looking for games that I could play, and this one kept popping up allover. Everyone and their mom was recommending that you play it, and I'll admit it looked pretty good! However, back then I wasn't quite the same as I am now. "Horror" games weren't really my thing, and I had only played a few M rated games up until that point. I really didn't think it would be for me, so I put it off. Then when the second one came out I almost caved as I saw the large "Return to Rapture" cutouts in GameStop, but even then I decided to hold off. I'm still regretting it.

Jump ahead a few years and Bioshock Infinite was on it's way. By this point horror games didn't bother me at all, and the concept of the city being in the sky sounded really cool to me. Mix that in with the first trailer playing Will the Circle Be Unbroken, and I was pretty much sold. Sadly I didn't have the money at the time, and other things kept coming out I KNEW I'd love, so they were my priority. Again, I'm still regretting it...

Now FINALLY, after many years of waiting, the day actually came. The Bioshock Collection was released on PS4, and I actually had the money to buy it! So of course I did, and shortly after I started my journey into Rapture. But that's a story for another time.

Although I like the other Bioshock games, Infinite is easily one of my top games of all time. The first time I set eyes on Columbia I knew the game was going to be something special. The golden glow of the city, the steam punk 50s like vibe, and the music in general was just amazing. Everything was so bright and colorful, and I wanted to explore every inch of that world. I still remember sitting there wishing a PlayStation VR version would come out once the PSVR released, but still to this day that hasn't happened. Putting that aside though, the game looked great as it was, and I couldn't wait to find Elizabeth and get the game started. And then I did find her, and everything changed.

I had heard just how great of a teammate she was before, but I didn't realize exactly what that meant. Right off the bat I already liked her as a character, and I really enjoyed the slow moments where you just walk around and explore with her. It showed off exactly what kind of person she was, and made me like her even more. But it wasn't until things really got going that she evolved into an amazing character, and where I got to see her really shine.

While the first Bioshock game was a lonely dive into the deep sea with only a man on the radio to guide you, Infinite became all about teamwork. Elizabeth aids you in battle, and uses her special power to summon objects from other dimensions, and she'll call out to you when there's something you need to be aware of. She always has your back, and helps keep each encounter exciting. Mixed with the crazy weapons, and the ability to use the sky rail to fly through each area,the combat system is just a lot of fun, and had me hooked from start to finish. But why do I consider this one of my favorite "horror" games? Well...

As I'm sure most already know, things aren't as they appear to be in this so called paradise in the sky. It's all bright and cheerful on the surface, but in reality it's a nightmare. The people who live here are twisted, to the point where they enjoy stoning people to death over the color of their skin. Then you have those who are dying so they transfer their bodies into these horrific mechanical shells with their organs exposed behind glass. These people may seem to be "happy" with their new life, but they are in constant pain. Then you have the things Elizabeth has to face during her escape from Columbia. While what see might not be visually disturbing, the psychological horror is always there. This is somewhere you and her must escape from, and you have to face some harsh realities along the way. And then there is the DLC, which is easily one of the hardest things I've ever had to witness in a video game. So while I wouldn't say the game is "scary" nor will it give you nightmares, it will leave a lasting impression on you, and make you feel uneasy quite a bit. Sadly that's all I can say without ruining the game, but trust me, it's one that is worth at least one play through. If not 7.

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