Halo Reach Releasing December 3rd for Xbox One and PC

It's finally happening people! After a long LONG wait, Halo Reach is finally coming to the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, and to PC via Steam and the Windows Store. The game will be sold on it's own for a low price of $10, but can also be bought with the $40 Master Chief Collection on PC. This marks the first time Halo has been on PC since Halo 2 back in the day, so this is going to be a pretty big release for a lot of fans out there.

For more information check out Xbox.com, or head on over to the your favorite store page to preorder your copy today!

What is Halo Reach:

Halo Reach was the 4th mainline entry in the Halo series, and the final game to be handled by Bungie. Rather than taking place after Halo 3, the game is a prequel set roughly around the same time as the early Halo novels. The game follows Noble Team as they fight for survival on their "home world" Reach after the alien invaders known as the Covenant discovered it. Although it is a more rewarding experience if you've read the novels and played previous games, as a prequel it's also a great starting point for new fans. Besides it's co-op campaign, Reach has a wide verity of online multiplayer modes, and it even includes a "Forge" mode where you are free to create your own maps and games. It's a feature that has been widely popular in the series, and has only continued to grow with each release. Although Halo Reach's Forge may not be as detailed as Halo 5s, it was a major stepping stone towards that future, and still holds up till this day.

(Bottom line is, Reach is amazing, go check it out!)

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