PlayStation Plus - November 2019

The new PlayStation Plus titles are now up for download. Check out the Official PlayStation Store now! As for what's free this month, we have two games.

Nioh -

Team Ninja's latest action RPG. This game originally released back in early 2017, after a very lengthy development period. Originally teased back in 2004 (only to be revised countless times), Nioh is a game that takes Team Ninja's iconic Ninja Gaiden series, and mixes it up with the style of games like Dark Souls. Rather than pulling off crazy combos as a ninja, Nioh is a much more grounded experience, where death is around every corner. As many would expect from a souls like, the game uses an energy system to limit your attacks and movements, and most enemies can finish you off in a few hits. However that's not to say that Nioh doesn't have ideas of it's own.

Rather than being a connected world, Nioh takes place over multiple stages, and has more of a focus on loot drops and building your character the way you want him. There are multiple weapon types to use, and most enemies drop at least some sort of material or item that you can use. There are many armor sets to collect, a massive skill and upgrade system, and a unique "Ki Pulse" system which lets you recover energy by hitting R1 with the correct timing after completing a combo. On top of this there is also a stance system, where either holding a weapon low, high, or at medium height will effect it's strength, speed, and combos. It's a fun system and really helps Nioh stand out from other similar games.

Outlast II -

Outlast II is the follow up to the popular horror game Outlast (obviously). What makes these games so unique compared to other horror games is the fact that the main character is only armed with a camera. Rather than being a game about finding weapons and resources to protect yourself, Outlast is all about running away. The areas are dark, the monsters are horrifying, and often you come across sights that are just hard to explain. It's not a game for the faint of heart, as it can be extremely graphic, and stressful. Batteries must be found for your camera to use it's night vision mode to see, and many enemy encounters are puzzles you must overcome if you want to continue (with instant death for failing them). It's a horrific experience from start to finish, and a great game for Halloween. (Or the week after.)

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