Chao in Space is Now a Reality! Watch it Right Here

Remember Chao in Space? No? Well those of us who grew up in the early 2000s playing Sonic the Hedgehog do. Back in the day the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 was everything. Multiple fan sites were created and dedicated to these things, and even Sonic Team themselves had opened up a "Chao Laboratory" that you could connect to directly from your DreamCast. You could download Christmas cards, arts and crafts, coloring book pages, etc, or you could head over to the Chao BBS and chat with other Chao "fans." (In reality it became a troll's paradise with no rules -- and it's also where I got my start online!) Anyway "Chao in Space" was a movie poster seen in Sonic Adventure, with "Chao in Space 2" being plastered allover Sonic Adventure 2. These posters remained in the GCN ports later on, but it was nothing more than a little easteregg. That is until now.

Chao in Space has now been released! This short video is brought to you by the same guys who did the Sonic Mania shorts earlier this year, and tells the story of a chao dreaming about his time in space. Check it out for yourself now:

And as a bonus, why not check out the old Chao Laboratory? The page has long since shut down, but thanks to the waybackmachine we can still access it and download most of it's files. Perfect for the holidays too!

If you’re having issues navigating the old site, they have been uploaded to the old Chao Island site as well (a great fan site back in the day).

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